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Rather your brand is new or you've just re-launched sales matter, Red Graphical helps brands stand out in the ever-growing beauty industry. This means working clients to define a clear strategy, creating the perfect tone online and setting the tone to spark conversation. 

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Gain Customers

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There is more than one way to gain a customer, there are multiple. At Red Graphical, we have the ideas, insights and real-life experience of working behind the chair at salons, barbershops, and spas where strategy will help you gain customers and referrals. 


Positioning your brand as a "need" and not a "want" product line is the goal. With so many of the same types of companies, yours must stand out. We will work collaboratively to carve out your unique position. Your goal is to STAND OUT and our goal is to help you get there.

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Go Viral

It goes without saying that Influencer Marketing is not a trend, it is a must. Influencers have the ability to go beyond online via social media, to the real world. Working with Red Graphical, your brand will be introduced to another community where originality is often replicated by the mass and sales happen by the billions. 

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